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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Vegetable Peeler Can Create Awesome Garnishes

If you want to up your game in your kitchen when you have guests over, one thing you may do, if you're not that savvy is plating. A simple lasagna on a clean white plate, with a sprig of parsley will make your diner's eyes light up. Sure you say, "Hey just eat, what you think this is a fine restaurant?"

OK, no one should complain if you invite them for a great free meal cooked by you. However, just plating your meals with thought will make your diner feel special, and really, that's what you want to accomplish, wow them if you will.

The vegetable peeler can slice thin pieces of cucumbers. And you can create all kinds of nice thin shapes. Here's what I mean. You will need a peeler that looks like this, and it won't break your bank. Most supermarkets carry them, or Walmart, or your local drug store might.

Notice the wide blade, having a wide blade will allow you to take a large vegetable, even a carrot, and slice down the sides to create a wavy thin cut. After that slice, because it is thin, you can roll it, twist it, or wrap it around other foods for a nice garnish.

Here's a few thin slices of cucumber that is rolled into a flower looking garnish. By simply slicing thin pieces of cucumber, you can get creative to add some pop to your presentations. For color, add slices of cherry tomatoes with the cucumber. Or chop up some cilantro and sprinkle some to sort of dust the plate before you put a steak on there. Bon Appetite!

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