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Saturday, May 4, 2013

MAUI- Great Burgers @ Teddy's

I've blogged how good Teddy's Bigger Burgers are, it's all beef and seasoned just right on the savory side, not funky herbs or that gourmet thing you get that just gets ruined with too much stuff on it. Teddy's keeps it simple.

A few nights ago I was hungry, real hungry and I decided to stop by for a double burger with cheddar, fries and a drink which was water because of all the calories from sodas.

When I got to the counter I took a few seconds because usually the girls in there know me and I usually get the No. 4 Double 5 oz.. However on this evening I was tempted to get the double 9 oz which would be two ounces over a pound of ground beef. "Too much," I said under my breath. So I flirted with a double 7 oz. burger, that would be two ounces shy of a pound. Okay so I ordered the 14 oz Teddy's Bigger Burger with cheddar, no sauce, but I took the set up, the lettuce, tomato and onion, fresh and crisp, was it organic? I didn't care. Nope, not at all, I figured what's all the fuss about all these organics raising a big stink on non organic stuff. I even used the non organic Heinz mustard over my fries, take that organics! I used a non organic food, I did not die yet over a lifetime of eating non organics.

Is this a Monsanto thing? Hey what's wrong with Monsanto if they're trying to create crops that will feed the starving world? So I devoured my burger like tomorrow was ending, the kid next to me told his mom, "Hey that dude is eating fast, he may choke mommy." She looked at me and smiled and said to her little dude, "He's just hungry son."

So if you are in Lahaina for the first time and you are close to Barnes and Noble, stop by Teddy's say hello to my buddy Hank the owner, it's a cool dive, with surfboards hung on the walls like this one.
The artwork on these boards is fantastic, it kind of takes me back to the seventies growing up, the whole art, creative aspect of food and surfing, and of course the old school rock music that is played in the restaurant, it really is a fun place to eat a hot juicy, grilled burger. They do cook theirs medium with some red like the way I love mines done, however if you need yours well done they'll cook it for you the way you want it. Great stuff Teddy's.

If you blow up the painting on the left, you can see owner Hank with his spatula and his family shooting the tube in Lahaina, now that's one cool picture, great burgers, riding a glassy tube on a sunny day in Lahaina. What more do you want?

Click this link and watch James Kudlich maul a Teddy's Western Burger.