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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Sitting at No. 1 BBQ in Lahaina, Maui, which by the way is more of a Korean BBQ joint or an Asian plate joint, I met a couple from Birmingham, Alabama. And we began to talk about Maui, and where to go and all that stuff as usual.

I finally asked them, "If I ever get to Birmingham, what should I eat there?"

"Hands down Dreamland BBQ," says the husband. "Man they have awesome ribs, you'll love that if you love meat."

"Yes sir, in fact I don't eat anything non-animal."

"Dreamland is great, you got to go there," confirms the wife.

Alright, to the internet I go, but first before I start to Yelp and Google, I gotta call them up and really, really see if these guys are still in biz, you know? I do, and of course they are in biz. "Hey come on in, we're located on 14th Avenue South," says a perky woman on the other end. Only thing, I'm on Maui, and unless I fly over there today no dice.

But as I Yelp and Google them, yes they must be good, they have 5 locations in Alabama, and 1 in Georgia. Must be good, and being down in the south eastern conference, ribs must be good, after all southerners know them some ribs, like how Hawaiians know poi.

So my friends from Alabama told me more about this place, the guy said he likes the Pork Quesadillas, the Half Slab, the Big Daddy Pork sandwich, the Baked Beans, Potato Salad, and the Banana Pudding.

Man, he likes a lot of stuff there. So I wrote down what he ate there, and I'll go look up the prices.

Pork Quesadillas $7.95
Half Slab Pork Ribs $10.45
"Big Daddy" 1/2 lb. Pork Sandwich $7.45
Baked Beans single $1.45
Potato Salad single $1.45
Banana Pudding single $2.00

Fact: The founder John "Big Daddy" Bishop opened the first Dreamland Cafe in Tuscaloosa the same year the Paul "Bear" Bryant started as head coach for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football program. Big Daddy, had to choose either opening a mortuary or a cafe, he prayed to God, and guess what, God told him to open a cafe and the rest is BBQ history.

In the beginning, Big Daddy and wife Lily sold sandwiches and postage stamps.

If I go there, I'm getting me exactly what our friend from Birmingham said he eats, I mean those prices are pretty good, I mean on Maui, those prices would be slightly higher, we ship a lot of food in, and the cost of transportation kills!
Rib Maniac!

Sauced faced kid

Dreamland cook

Now this cook looks like he knows what he's doing in the kitchen, that's a look of a man that is serious about ribs. And by just looking at the man, I dare not ask him, "Hey bro is this place any good?" I'd hate to have him give me whack upside my head, I dare not piss him off my friends, ooooo no sir, I will not mess with him, no sir!

So go ahead and click on the link to Dreamland BBQ, and have a look yourselves, it's nice to meet folks from all over the world here on Maui, Hawaii. And one of these days, I will make it to Alabama, hopefully during the football season, and try to watch a Crimson Tide game, leaving my Hawaii Warriors cap at home of course.

Bama Fans
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