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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Let's take a look at what a sausage is. It is usually bits and pieces of an animal, beef, pork, chicken, and it is seasoned and placed in a meat grinder and made into a patty or stuck in some casing and used for breakfast or whatever, it is poached in a liquid, sometimes beer or wine and herbs. But the gourmands in this world eat this thing called Pate and it is like liver, and minced up meat, so in essence same thing.

Hence Spam TM. That canned filled with a solid rectangular block of meat. It is just a canned sausage. And Hawaii's peeps been consuming this for ages, and now, some fine dining aficionados are taking a bite into Spam.

"I couldn't believe that Spam could be a pretty good filling for an omelet," David, a so-called wine and cheese snob from Connecticut.

Spam can be good with cabbage and some tomatoes, and because it is already high in sodium if you add water to the pan, it will come out less salty. Or chop up Spam and put it in a bowl of fresh ramen, or saimin, or even in a wok with chow mein noodles.
Spam Musubi, Hawaii's energy bar, a seasoned piece of Spam sit atop a few ounces of white medium grain cooked rice with a nori wrap.
Spam heating up in a pan, it is so uniformed that all you need to do is slice them length wise and you'll have a few Spam steaks, fry them to your liking, I like them crisp on the outside, fry them like this and place two eggs cooked any style on a plate with some toast and hot coffee for a breakfast.
Or you can get some pastry dough and wrap it and make a Spam in a Blanket
Or make a Spam bake in a casserole dish, great for a family, it's like a no brainer meal, just throw it all together and who cares about presentation, just eat!
For the gourmands, a fancy presentation of Spam with a drizzle of some kind.

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