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Thursday, May 29, 2014


"Honey they didn't like my casserole!" your wife says after the relatives leaves the house on a warm Sunday evening in the summer time.

"Oh babe, it tasted great, I ate all mine, and junior polished his plate, and the potatoes were perfect."

"You're just saying that."

"No worries…it was perfect!"

Well you married peeps out there let's face it, sometimes your wife's cooking doesn't hit a home run, but she does get on base, and does make it to second, and possibly third, and she may have an RBI or two. But c'mon…that's successful…you aren't gonna hit home runs all the time. I mean let's face it, I've heard of foodies eating in 3 star Michelin restaurants and weren't totally impressed by the chef's creations… so if a so-called 3 star Michelin chef doesn't hit a homer with well traveled foodie aficionados, don't worry if aunt Mabel critiques your Swedish Meatballs with a Tabasco BĂ©arnaise or whatever.

The best way to be a successful home cook is to keep on cooking and practicing, take a cooking class or something, and feed someone. If that someone eats his or her plate, guess what? You're a success eh? Yes you are. So here I am telling you "You can do it! You are a champion, don't give up or let others take you down. And remember you are the hostess, you invited them over, if they don't like it? Hey they can go to Burger King…"


Pan Frying. Here's a big mistake many people make when pan frying, the proteins they are cooking are too thick. The best way to get good pan frying results is to slice meats like beef, about 1/4" maybe 1/2" thick, same with chicken, or pork, and don't over cook it. Once you see the juices oozing out, it's cooking! Flip it and go for a couple of minutes, use a good quality pan, stainless steel, or nonstick…whatever you are comfortable with and it's all good.

In fact, if I pan fry, I use a carbon steel flat bottom wok, the heat sears thin cuts of meat perfectly and quickly, try learning to cook with a carbon steel wok.

Okay guys, keep on cooking, and be good to yourself, don't beat yourself up because some foodie snob didn't like the cat dish you served up. Hahah just kidding, in fact some Asian countries do eat kitty for dinner, now if you are inviting me over for some kitty cat stir fry… I'll politely decline.

-Ron Sambrano

© 2014