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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today I ran into a local couple from Kona, of the Big Island of Hawaii.. a couple in their 60s, more than likely and I say that out of respect. As we get to talking, the small talk of course, I joked with them that I just got out of prison for stealing a container load of carbon steel woks that came from China. They looked at me as if I was crazy. Long story short, I told them I was kidding, and that it was my nephew's 17th birthday and I was shopping for a birthday card. After all that, I come to find out that they are here on Maui for a few days…I think until next Wednesday visiting friends.

As you know by now, I am a food blogger. Yes that's me if you've haven't noticed I don't do blogs on sex, mechanical drawings, real estate, or aviation. I do write about food period. So the topic I came up with was, "Hey if I ever go to Kona…where should I get a nice plate lunch?" Their reply, "Pine Tree Cafe Bradda Ron…really good local stuff..get plates, Japanese kine, Hawaiian kine, Korean kine..sandwiches too kine."

Hmmm, okay… so we talked more about this…this Pine Tree Cafe. As we talked, sat at the same table, I got my Android G2 from LG out and Googled Pine Tree Cafe..and what did I see? Well here's the address: 73-4040 Hulikoa Drive, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 and the phone number is 808-327-1234..easy.

Wait a minute! I'll just Yelp it… and I did, and as my friends from Kona looked at my phone and the photos and the other people's comments, they all agreed. Hey this is easy, I'm just reiterating what others have said on Yelp…I'm a copycat! Yay! Easy!

First comment comes from a Jason C. out of Honolulu, he likes the loco moco, claiming it is excellent, claiming that the patty is huge about 1/2 pounds. He also loves the Crispy Huli Huli chicken, the fried poke with a nice aioli, this guy even likes the Homemade Corned Beef Hash for breakfast. Hey this Jason guys has it down.

My friends from Kona nods their heads, "Yeah bradda Ron, this guy's comments is right on, that's what we like too. We also like the Japanese plate sometimes, get miso soup, and the Hawaiian plate get everything, poi, lomi salmon, lau lau…da works bradda.. Nuff Said! If this couple says Pine Tree Cafe is the place to go..that's it, if I ever get there, I'll go to Pine Tree and eat like a horse.

The next few photos are from Google Images and I am not making any money off of these blogs so no worries.


Pine Tree Saimin Yelp no name
Pine Tree Yelp no name
Pine Tee Yelp no name
Pine Tree Yelp no name

There's some of the pics from Google Images, just to give you an idea of their presentation, and by just reading Yelp, man I gettingz hungreh very very hungreh! So take this blog and keep it, copy and paste it somewhere… maybe we can all meet up on a maiden voyage to Pine Tree Cafe in Kailua Kona. Until next time, be cool and not a fool!

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