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Monday, May 5, 2014


IHOP Maui… Yeah I love to hop on was a pretty good day so far anyhow, it's high noon. Wait, high noon? What the fuck am I a cowboy in some western movie? Nope I'm a sluggish local boy that just ate a filling meal at IHOP in the Maui Mall in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii…what was I thinking, that shit was too big I wanna sleep!

I had to do some business with some friends, and when it's business it's at the DCCA office in the mall. So after a few signatures here, print your name there, it was breakfast time. Johann tells me we are going to have breakfast, me him and his wife I call "mom" Sabrina, headed across the way to IHOP. 

We got seated, and quickly our orders were taken. Johann ate the 2 eggs, with sausage, and toast, and pancakes, and hash browns. Wow! Sabrina had the Veggie Omelette, it looked delicious, I should've had what she had. Me on the other hand ate the Ham Omelette, filled with cheese, and a good size hash brown with coffee and water. I was full, and still am full, and I got to clock in to work in about 3 hours.

After one bite I became alive!

Does this look delicious

Mmmm Yay for IHOP
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