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Monday, May 12, 2014


MUNCHIES! "I'm hungry, what the @#%*! we gonna eat?"
Being on an island you wouldn't think we got fast foods, but we do. And we make use of the fast food restaurants. The chain restaurants. A friend calls me up and wants to meet over some food, but we don't have the kind of funding we used to have to go to a nice restaurant, I mean the kind of place where the bill for 2 would be around a 100 bucks. Those days are kind of gone.

Well, he picks me up and we start driving down the street.
"So where you want to go?"
"I don't know, I got like ten bucks."
"Don't worry I'll buy since you bought the last time."
"Shoots, sounds good."

We go down a mile and we turn left into the local Pizza Hut, the ones that has a Taco Bell built right in, yeah because it's the same corporation, they sell Pepsi. I figured what the hell, might as well…I"m going for the ride and free food.

Standing there like Beavis and Butthead, we make stupid sounds, we don't know what to get. Do we get the 10.99 large ass New Yorker? Or do we get some personal pizzas, or pasta, or wings… 

We settled for the Super Supreme Pizza, and I don't care what pizza gurus say, shit like Chicago has the best, or New York has the best, or Italy has the best. Well we are in Lahaina, Maui, a far cry from the mainland or freaking Italy, so PH sounded good to me, we opted for the pan pizza crust.

My buddy had a 2 for 1 card, so he got another Super Supreme to take home to the wife and son, what a dad and husband my bro, great guy. Splitting a medium pan Super is just what the doctor ordered, shit… I've eaten a whole medium by myself in the past, those days when you were all stoned. Remember those days? I'd eat half, then fall asleep, and the next day eat the other half for breakfast, right? So what the roaches walked over a few pieces eh? Hey it's still good. Ewwww.
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