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Friday, May 9, 2014


Mike's Hong Kong Bistro located in Wailuku town has been around for some time now, their food is okay, Chinese influence with a mixture of local favorites. Yesterday I was running late from Wailuku and heading back to Lahaina for a job interview, so I decided to stop by Mike's because they have the steamers with food already cooked, just order, the lady scoops and plates it, you'll be eating quickly.

This is how you do it, like a cafeteria set up, you go to the left of the line, tell the lady what you want, chow mein, or fried rice. Then you move to the right, and point out what kind of entree you want. Well, on this day the food was minimal I don't know why, could be they got slammed for lunch or something or they didn't cook a lot to not waste food. The only thing that looked truly edible was the chow mein, the kau yuk (braised pork), and the teriyaki meatballs, and I grabbed a can of Pepsi (Sorry Dr. Delaughter).

Mike's also has made to order entrees which is very good stuff, I just did not have the time to wait for my order hence the ready made food was more conducive to my mission and that was hurry up and get my ass back to Lahaina, a 30 to 40 minute ride with traffic.

My food rating on this day was 3 out of 5 spoons, 5 spoons being epic, it was average, but good to eat. I would recommend Mike's for sure.

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