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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Photo from Yelp, Fresh Crispy Menpachi for Broke Da Mouth Grindz.
Note: This blogger is not making money off of this blog post.

Locals love to eat fish, small fish, midsize fish, large fish, humongous fish. We love us some fish. 

My favorite fish is Ahi, no doubt. Ahi raw is the best, of course the primo grade ones. Even the Big Eye Ahi is kick ass. Now as far as that other tuna the Skip Jack, not too many people like that fish. However, that fish is more potent than the Ahi, where the Ahi is sweeter, the Aku is more... gamey. But if you dehydrate Aku and make jerky, that's good for drinking beer during Super Bowl Sunday. Or fried Aku bones with shoyu and sesame oil and lots of ginger and green onions, that's a winner. Though some stuck up chefs can't stand Aku, well most chefs are anal holes anyhow, I can't stand those bastards! Haha.

But, in this blog post I'm going to talk about one of my favorite small reefers, and that is the Menpachi, These little guys are tasty fried. Fishermen in Hawaii will use light tackle to catch them usually by whipping. The Menpachi by nature is nocturnal hence his big eyes. The eyes to catch his prey. 

Most local cooks will clean out the fish, and heat up a hot wok outside of the house especially of there was a huge catch, and by frying in a large wok it makes good for drinking and talking story or conversations with cold brews.

After frying to a crisp, a drizzle of shoyu, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and green onions would suffice. However Hawaiian chili pepper water is always a favorite. Or Tabasco works well, or fish sauce too. Served over white rice with some lomi salmon is epic all of the time. Try it out if you get a chance, and the best place to eat this is at someone's house where the  men go fishing and the men are the outdoor wok fryers. As we say here in Hawaii, "No can beat!"

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