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Friday, October 24, 2014


PORK LUK FUN in the test kitchen yesterday, was a victory, because on the previous day, these steamed rice noodles did not cooperate, when I checked batch after batch, it turned out mushy, and my friend having a mushy noodle is really displeasing, after all who wants a mushy noodle? Mr. Mushy? Yeah he would because he's Mr. Mushy a freaking loser, but for us winners we want noodles that are made and executed correctly. Well then yesterday's test kitchen was triumphant. 

As I go through this journey of the Luk Fun, I am learning that you got to eat humble pie, and that a recipe is just a guiding force towards the goal, a road map, but like in real life we will face obstacles even with a road map, at times those directions you get are valid but it never tells you about the "what ifs", like what if the shit don't work? You got to try, and make calls, and ask questions like a tourist on Maui looking for the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, his map is okay, but there was a detour on Hwy 30 and he got mixed up, so he has to improvise and ask questions or re-google map it… It's life man, life eh?

Noodle making is an art, it's science, it's fun, it's hectic, it's tedious, it's a pain in the ass, but there is nothing more fulfilling than cooking up a batch of noodles, and then the people you feed eats it all. Yeah, it may not knock their socks off or whatever, but when that plate is empty, hey you did something right, for one thing it was good enough for them to eat the entire plate.

One day soon, that noodle shop will open, one day. 

Until next time, "Have a great life."
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