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Monday, October 27, 2014


To be very honest with you, I'm a very simple person, and cooking reflects my personality. Simplicity is premium in life for me. So when lots of chefs, are shunning breakfast because they are…CHEFS..BLOODY CHEFS!!! Hey, gimme that griddle and double boiler I'll jam!

I love the breakfast crowd, it is the start of the day, usually people are in a mellow mood, and they are just relaxed and reading the paper, or looking at what's happening on their smart phones. The start of the new day, and breakfast is just right up my alley, love it with a passion. Oh don't get me wrong my fine baggy shorts wearing, too tight top wearing lady friend, I love cooking lunches, brunches and dinners too. However, breakfast is something I'm just passionate about.

Eggs Benedict oh yeah! Love to make it, love to eat it. 2 poached eggs, set on Canadian bacon, over buttered and pan toasted English muffins, topped with a rich buttery homemade Hollandaise sauce, oooo…ooooo…ooooo..OOOOO!!!!!!! Check it.

Or it could be a Green Onion Omelet for the vegetarian, simple, little soy sauce, sesame oil, garden grown green onions, and fresh free range Hawaiian chicken eggs.

Peeps that love Over Easy, it's a rush flipping a couple of eggs and then… THEY EAT IT!!! Haha…Flip the eggs man, flip it good.

Eggs, it was made for the mornings. Eggs, one of the most versatile of all foods, used in baking cakes, pies, used for making batter to coat meats and seafood and deep fried. Eggs, for sauces like Hollandaise, mayonnaise, or custards… Without eggs, there wouldn't be any egg fights. Imagine, no eggs, no breakfast as we know it. Thank God for eggs. And if you don't believe in God? Thank you Joe Montana for eggs. Joe Montana? Well if you don't believe in God, Joe Montana is a good person to pray or thank for eggs… well you gotta believe in something, shit just pray to a rock whatever eh?

Till next time, have a great life!
Ron Sambrano
© 2014