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Monday, March 23, 2015


ALOHA FROM MAUI! All you foodies out there, listen up, from here on out, it's all about the comfort foods that's totally local Hawaiian style, which means I'll cover foods from all over the world, because Hawaii is the melting pot of the world and yes, local foods can have something Euro, Asian, South American too. It's all of the ABOVE BABY!

I'm working on a cooking video series, yeah it's for profit. What the heck did you think? But anyhooo this is what I'll be doing in the Chef Sambrano line of cooking videos, books, and everything cooking.

I'll be working with my old video producer from Akaku TV on Maui, Peter King, and I'll be filming some of the best and most popular plate lunches on the planet doing it my style.

I'm also going to have a book published hopefully this year tentatively no title, and well... it's about short stories that has a foodie theme. It's just for shits and laughs really, kind of mindless stuff. But my style is just letting loose, having fun, I'm kind of the underground foodie guy, non commercial, totally politically incorrect, and people love it. Well, I'll be clean, I won't offend anyone, it could hurt sales.

I still do personal cooking for couples, I don't do huge gigs, I like to focus on cooking for lovers in love. Bigger gigs.. maybe. But just check me out on this blog once a day, and see what is happening. As far as the cooking video is concerned, it'll be fun to watch, and you'll learn how to cook Hawaiian Style Local Plates in your own home, and much of the ingredients can be bought in most supermarkets nationwide.

Click on the video 

Hope to be here tomorrow or sooner!