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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Lahaina's not the same, business is not the same, rent and leases aren't the same, the foodies knowledge of the food game is definitely not the same!

Social media has set foodies a blaze with info on where to eat, say goodbye to newspaper ads, and articles, say hello to the foodies on their smart phones and tablets. Get familiar with Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many blogs out there. Info? There's tons of info online. And food and drink... man the info is really crazy! All you need to do if you want some good food anywhere in the world, is to just type in the cuisine, price, location and like Denzel's character in Training Day would say, "Boom!" there you have it, INFO!

Let's start with my buddy's food truck, Shark Pit. Chris Mahon can be found on Facebook and Instagram, Yelp Shark Pit and all the info's on there, hey saves me the time about writing it up. If you are in Lahaina, Maui... head up Keawe (Keh ah vay) Street, head up the hill to the right, and then up the hill it is located in a dirt lot, there's bound to be a lot of people there eating some awesome food, local style. Also Wai Lemi is right next door for some cool fresh beverages, natural.

If you are in Lahaina Maui, another long time food trucker chef is Nobu's pink food truck, can't miss it, he's in the parking lot of the NAPA auto parts store, across of Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. For 23 years this local Japanese chef has been hashing out local style plates, keeping it simple and delicious is his secret to his success. On this day he turned us on to some Garlic Chicken, Chicken Curry combo.

My friend Chef Nacho uses his Mexican and local chops to create awesome food in his Ula Ula Food Truck, can't miss him, bright red truck on the corners of Wainee (Why Nay) St. and Lahainaluna Road, right in the heart of Lahaina Town. Again, Google or Yelp Ula Ula for more info, my hands are tired from typing. Haha.

Further down, just south a little ways from Ula Ula's food truck, to the right is Yazi Z food truck, Chef Yazi does some food of various ethnic influence, you got to go for her Gyros, it's totally ono very comforting food, her place of influence? Her home growing up, that my foodie friends is where all the love for cooking comes from, plain and simple!

Just for your information, Maui's Mexican community is growing pretty fast, and with it comes some of very tasty real Mexican cooking. Our friend Chef Jose and his uncle turned us on to some of some tasty soft shell tacos filled with fish and shrimp seasoned nicely in chipotle sauce, and with a variety of mild to hot sauces and salsas, Ono Taco Truck rocks the south of the border on Maui. Again Yelp Yelp, Google, find them on social media. Located off of Highway 30, next to the train station on the north end of the parking lot.

As this blog post gets you some info on Lahaina's Food Truck scene, FYI we are attempting to bring this concept to our youth and teens. We spoke to these fine local business owners if they would come to our schools to speak to our kids who are our future. I personally see the lack of direction in our kids, due to zero adult supervision, their lives are being wasted on drugs, and everything else that is a vice for them that prevents their growth as good human beings, and responsible family members, and for that matter responsible citizens. Food has played a major role in my life, it provided me work, and a skill. Stay tuned for the future blogs, I'll have more info on what is happening to help our youth, teens, and the ones that needs direction in life. We see that these food trucks can be an inspiration for the young to learn about business and life.
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