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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Big Daddy's Burgers & Bar
9070 Research Blvd. #101
Austin, TX 78758

Okay my bloggies, I've never been to Austin, Texas however, I did meet some cool Texans and I asked them where do they get killer burgers. And one name came up and they were totally adamant, it was Big Daddy Burgers. So they told me, "Ron you gotta google it, that's all we can tell ya, but if you're ever in our neck of the woods, why you call us, we'll show you a great time." Like an idiot I lost the guy's business card oops.

So I went to and saw some incredible looking big ass burgers with all kinds of stuff on the platters. Well you go see for yourself, and just to let anyone know out there I am borrowing some photos from the web, and I am not selling those or trying to profit, this blog post if anything will promote Big Daddy Burgers and the people who took these photos.

First let's take a look at their menu shall we?

For appetizers they got (stuff I'd order)

HATCH GREEN CHILI QUESO w/ housemade tortilla chips 5.95 (shit if it was Maui? that would be 10.00)

BIG DADDY QUESO Hatch Green Chili Queso w/ pico guacamole and Basil's Texas chili 8.95

JERRY-WORLD DEATHSTAR NACHOS- Housemade tortilla chips topped w/ queso, pic de gallo, house-cured pickled jalapeños, sour cream. 6.95.. with Basil's Chili 8.45; crispy pork belly 8.95; grilled chicken 8.95 (This shit sounds great!)

U.R. FRIED SAMPLER- A fried food lovers' smorgasboard wit dipping sauces, mushrooms, mozzarella, hot wings, along with onion and poblano rings 11.95

POOKIE'S SLIDERS- Three mini burgers w/ house cured pickles and American cheese. Served w/ honey mustard and blood-mary ketchup 6.95

Nice rich food just the way my doctor don't want me to eat.

Now for the burger menu, and it's very creative.

They have a thing called Make it Yours: Add-Ons like Cheddar, Swiss, bleu, mozzarella, pepper jack, American, guacamole, bacon, house cured pickled jalapeños, fresh jalapeños, grilled onions or mushrooms, fried egg .75 cents.

Extra patty 2.50, Fried Mozzarella Cheese Patty 1.95, Classics: Mayo, mustard, ketchup, House cured pickles Free.

SUB the PATTY- Panko crusted shrimp patty, Housemade veggie patty, Grilled chicken breast, Blackened chicken breat, Pan-seared Portabella, all with a number 1 at the end?

Okay let's go check out the branded burgers:

CLASSIC BURGER 1/2 lb. Texas beef patty w/ setup on a brioche bun, Served w/ fresh cut fries. 7.45 

CLASSIC CHICKEN- Choice of grilled/blackened/fried chicken breast w/ setup of honey mustard on brioche bun w/ fresh cut fries. 8.95

BLACKENED CHICKEN- Blackened chicken breast w/ bacon, pepper jack cheese, setup on a brioche bun. Served w/ fresh-cut fries. 8.95

CLASSIC BACON CHEESEBURGER- 1/2 lb. Texas beef patty w/ smoked bacon, choice of cheese, setup on brioche. Served w/ fresh cut fries. 8.95

SHROOM & SWISS 1/2lb Texas patty w/ grilled mushrooms. Swiss cheese and setup on a brioche bun. Served w/ fresh cut fries. 8.95

TRIPLE-DECKER BLT- You know the drill Texas toast. Served w/ fresh cut fries. 6.95

CHRIS CRONIC BURGER- 1/2lb. Texas beef patty, house cured pickled jalapeños, pepper jack, Ghost Chile aioli and Habanero relish on a jalapeno-cheese bun w/ set up. Served w/ tortilla chips. 8.95

HANGOVER BURGER- 1/2lb. Texas beef patty, fried Mozzarella, marinara, pepperoni on a brioche bun. Served w/ fresh cut fries. 11.95

* Just a few of their awesome burgers go visit the website.