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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The restaurant's name is Zushi, a local Japanese dive that's been around a long time here on Maui's west side. The menu is small, and the owner (does not want her picture taken or name revealed) is a vey friendly Japanese woman that handles duties including, order taker, prep cook, and chef, and cashier. It is not uncommon to see a line out the door from around 11:30 am to about 1pm during the weekdays, and busy again around 5:30 to 7:30 pm for the dinner crowd.

This is a one woman operation, and what you really need to do is dine there for full appreciation, sometimes we'll order and take the food somewhere like the beach and eat. Some of the local faves there are her Tempura dishes, or the Deep Fried Chicken Teri, complete plates with rice and macaroni salad, and a bowl of miso soup. So good and the prices are reasonable.

When the owner hired me to do this blog, she didn't want me to take any pictures, however if you do go to Yelp, there are some pirate photos, despite me not being allowed to take photos, I can write about her menu and tell you what you have to get. Okay I already talked about the Deep Fried Chicken Teri and the Tempura Dishes, so here are the rest...

Chicken Katsu- Her breaded (with panko) chicken katsu is one of the best on island or anywhere, it is not heavy or greasy, just right, flaky, awesome tasting, good portions, again rice and mac salad with miso soup too. $7.55

Katsu Curry- Chicken Katsu with a curry sauce (gravy), for less than $9.00, it's a winner, so simple.

The Lady's Special- This is another simple and very popular plate, it comes with Shrimp Tempura, California Roll, Miso Soup, Rice and Mac Salad $8.50

Oyako Don- Simmered chicken in rice bowl for less than $8.00 is another favorite.

Unagi Bento- If you love fresh water eel, (Unagi), she does have the Unagi Bento for dinner at $12.00, this is another Japanese favorite local Maui style.

* Dinners are served with Green Salad, Macaroni Salad, Namasu, Sushi, Miso Soup & Rice.

Hours of operation

MONDAY- SATURDAY: LUNCH 11am - 2pm  DINNER: 5pm- 8pm.

840 Wainee St. Ste G3
Lahaina, HI 96761