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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In Las Vegas, Nevada there's a place called the Heart Attack Grill located in the Down Town district. This is a burger joint that has an ER theme, where waitresses are dressed like nurses, risqué nurses..if you know what I mean.

Been to Vegas many of times, just haven't gotten to Heart Attack Grill, and most photos are really copyrighted so I can't rip it off. However if you vista you'll see the theme, it's really adult in nature. Huge ass burgers, looks like a fun place to go and get a ...a heart attack. Go ahead and click on the link and see for yourself, those juicy burgers looks like they'll give you a heart attack.

Okay- I'll paste some pictures and give credit to the photographer. Got this photo from this website (I am not selling this photo) just for interest. Photo from this website and belongs to them, just to show my bloggies what the burgers looks like. Now this tripple burger with cheese looks like it'll give you a heart attack!
I guess this is called the Triple Bypass Burger!

This photo is from
Now this dude is really nailing a huge ass burger, is this a fun burger joint? Looks like it.

This dude's pic is from
This is another huge burger looks like a quadruple bypass too. Next time I'm in Vegas I got to check this place out for sure, I don't know if I'll nail a quad, but I could eat at least a double.
This photo above is from ; I guess the waitresses must make bank in tips, and they don't need to subject themselves to dancing and swinging from a pole, all they need to do is wear those nurses outfits and serve hungry burger eaters.

Okay so the next time you're in Las Vegas, Nevada check out Heart Attack Grill located at 450 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Hours Daily from 11am to 12 midnight.

Cash only!!!!