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Monday, July 22, 2013


This is just a take on Korean BBQ, and why it is so popular, is it the umami flavors? Is it the heat in some dishes such as kimchi? Well for myself Korean BBQ is all about the taste, the soy sauce, sesames, chilies, sweet, the garlic and ginger. The smell, that awesome aroma that only the Korean marinade emanates through the air on any given holiday at the beach or pool. Or if it's a restaurant, if done right...well, when you go out with friends to spend money that same aroma just invites!

In Los Angeles there's a huge Korean community hence people are exposed to this type of cuisine. If you love Chinese and Japanese foods, Korean should be easy to take. It's not uncommon to find Korean food counters in shopping malls, on main streets, or food trucks, because Korean BBQ and other dishes are like a freight train, it hasn't reached its pinnacle yet.

Korean BBQ Beef is a popular item.

Raw prime steaks used for finer Korean BBQ

Korean Short Ribs (beef)


Just some Korean American facts:

One of the first Korean Americans was Seo Jae-pil, or Philip Jaisohn, who came to America shortly after participating in an abortive coup with other progressives to institute a political reform in 1884. He became a citizen in 1890 and earned a medical degree in 1892 from what is now George Washington University.

Historical Population
1910- 462

1920- 1,224

1930- 1,860

1940- 1,711

1970- 69,130

1980- 354,593

1990- 798,849

2000- 1,076,872

2010- 1,423,784 

Metropolitan Population (2 largest cities)

The two metropolitan areas with the highest Korean American populations are the Greater Los Angeles area (334,329); and the Greater New York City area (218,764)

So for the Korean BBQ, you'll find lots of it in these two cities, with other cities burgeoning. It is an ethnic food that is being sought after by a lot of people. In Hawaii Korean BBQ is considered "local" food because it blends well with the Asian population's foods such as traditional Japanese teriyaki, Chinese dim sum, chowmein, etc.

One of the most famous local restaurants that has expanded to the mainland from Hawaii that features Korean BBQ is L&L Drive Inn.

L&L Drive Inn's Korean Style (Hawaiian Style) BBQ comes complete with 2 scoops of white rice, and one scoop of macaroni salad.

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