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Monday, April 13, 2015

Frida's Beach House with Chef Nick Cleveland

Chef Nick Cleveland has his hands full making sure things run smoothly for Mark & Judy Ellman's trifecta of cool restaurants on Front Street. 
We'll start with Mala Ocean Tavern the very first restaurant built in the Mala District of Lahaina, and then Honu Seafood & Pizza a few years later, and just this year Frida's Beach House was added to complete the "Hat Trick"

And I had a lot of fun today shooting a blog video with Chef Nick Cleveland who is an avid fisherman, and a very talented chef. Watch the video below and see for yourself the man can break down an ahi. So today Chef Nick got into a very simple dish, a ceviche style ahi, done Mexican called Ahi Aguachile with a Leche De Tigre, a nice sauce that cooks the raw fish in, with shaved red onions, iced blanched, cilantro sprigs also iced blanched, shaved Kamuela cucumbers, and red and green pickled jalapeƱos made in house.

During the shoot, he unwrapped a slab of Ahi Loin from Tropic Fish Maui and Barry Masuda, "We get fish daily, this is a 26 pound slab," said Chef Nick. "We don't waste anything here at Frida's or any of the three restaurants, everything must yield a profit, we have 200 plus employees, we need to keep people working, and having great food so the visitors keep coming back."

Chef Nick with the slab of Ahi
Frida's staff at work slicing and dicing
Sister is making Pico De Gallo all fresh
"Simple is the best."
The Ahi Loin awaits Chef Nick's sharp filet knife
Quarter of the slab will be used, (watch the video below)
3 pictures of the finished product
Ahi Aguachile Leche De Tirge

The dish was awesome, very refreshing, all natural.
The selfie with Chef Nick

Okay gang click on the video below and enjoy pure culinary delight Maui Style at Frida' Beach House in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

Click on the pic for video or link on bottom.

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