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Monday, June 8, 2015


Cool it junior, take a cold shower, this isn't the pervert report!!!!! Got it?!! Okay... good, and keep it in your freeking pants!!!! Seriously, this post is about health. All about eating right for those women who are staying fit, for what else? Photo shoots, and modeling. As summer time arrives, it is time for the women in the modeling profession to really look good for the lenses, be it for still photos, or videos. And again you pervs, no, this isn't going to be a lot of pics of topless women.

So here I go, as your chef for the summer 2015. Women need energy, and I'll keep it simple without all the dietician mumbo jumbo, I will be as simple as I can. Energy for them when they spend hours working out, and thats to tone their bodies for those tight fitting outfits. What do I prepare?

(Before their workout sessions)
Fresh organic fruit bowls, 5 oz. of mixed bananas, pineapples, strawberries, and nuts.

1 slice of all grain bread with 1/2 a teaspoon of jam

Lime water with a dash of agave nectar (10 fl oz) more if needed!

(After their workout session)
20 fl oz. of lime water with dash of agave nectar, more if needed

2 egg whites cooked in olive oil, or more

1/2 a whole orange

2 oz. of ground turkey seasoned with garlic salt and paprika, or more

1 slice of all grain bread with 1/2 a teaspoon of jam

For their photo or video sessions.

Snacks: Unsalted nuts, raisins, dates, dehydrated mangoes, dehydrated crackers, and lots of water when needed.

(Break for the next session)

Grilled chicken breast 4 oz., or more

Steamed veggies with salt and pepper 3 oz., or more

Water with lime.

Continue with snacks for their second and final session of the day.


1/2 a baked potato, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper

5 oz., or more of grilled salmon, seasoned with olive oil, basil, and Italian seasonings

2 oz. of gluten free chocolate cake

1 glass of white wine.


(During the evening to include the nuts and dehydrated fruits, stop 3 hours before bedtime)...

This menu gives them the right fuel, it won't bog them down, and the fruits and nuts will give them the carbs they need as they will burn it off. Modeling is movement, and once the body starts to move, they will burn calories. The lunch is plenty, the water with lime will quench thirst and more hunger.

Common sense tells me that a girl at 5-5" and 108 pounds won't eat the same as a girl 5-11 and 120+ pounds. And some girls who are athletes will need more energy or fuel, and the food portions will be altered. Everybody burns calories differently and that is taken into consideration. The more active a woman is, the more fuel she will need to get her sessions done with precision.

For instance, a small compact Kia needs basic gas to run, while a high performance Ferrari needs a more high octane juice to be able to run efficiently. This is just an example, the women need sugars and protein and fiber. But each will need the right amount. If a woman is doing some grueling photo shoots like surfing, or diving, or running and hiking, she will need a heavier breakfast before the shoot. Likewise if she's only doing indoor shoots with air conditioning in the building, then a light breakfast should suffice.

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