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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hawaiian Style Breakfast, it isn't healthy, it isn't one single national influence, it's just a mixed up style.
Come to breakfast at any local's house, and you'll get all kinds of stuff served up.

Japanese Style: Saimin, seafood broth with noodles, egg, veggies. Teri Beef, Miso Pork, and Eggs scrambled with all kinds of stuff like Ebi shrimp, pickled veggies. Rice balls with furkikake flakes.

Hawaiian Style: Spam and eggs, Lau Lau and rice with eggs, Kalua Pork omelets. 

Korean Style: Kalbi Ribs omelet, Kimchi Omelet, Meat Jun with eggs, Pork Sausage with spicy eggs.

Chinese Style: Lupcheong sausage omelet, Eggs with Black Bean Sauce omelet, Kau Yuk omelet, Roast Duck Benedict, and Shrimp Fried Rice.

Filipino Style: Pork Adobo omelet, Tocino with over easy eggs, Longanisa Benedict, Tomato Onion and fish sauce Scramble.

And of course all the other breakfast classics from all over the world.

Basically cooking breakfast in Hawaii is just getting our hands on anything we can find that is edible, and tossing it in our beat up fry pan. Anything goes, if we got eggs, that's the start. If we got any kinds of meats, that's number two, veggies... number three. And we'll use any canned goods we can find, you name it tomato sauce, chili, stews, corn, beans... and condiments to throw it down after it is cooked. Tabasco, Sriracha, Ketchup, Fish Sauce, Dijon Mustard, and our favorite .... Best Foods Mayonnaise. Locals love mayo on lots of stuff.

So if you're wondering what to expect at breakfast at a local's house in Hawaii, this is just a teaser because home cooks are going off the hook because of the Food Network, and all those funky food shows that I could care less about, but there you have it... local style.

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