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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Tuna Salad on Toasted Bread... mmmm! The aroma of the freshly toasted bread, and if the tuna salad is mixed with some onion, and pepper, the fishy smell subsides, squeeze some lemon juice on there and for sure it smells Sweet!

Local kids growing up we weren't wealthy, we had to eat what mom put on the table, and a lot of times we ate canned goods. Some may call it sick or gross, but we didn't know it, it was food and we woke up hungry. If we were lucky mom would have hot eggs, or pancakes with sausage for breakfast and hot chocolate. However when the budget was low, she'd use her coupons and purchase lots of canned tuna. 

One of my favorite breakfast was her toasting white bread from Love's Bakery, and making a toasted tuna sandwich for us before we hit the bus stop. Fresh made tuna salad was the bomb. Chopped red onion, mixed in with canned tuna in oil, with Best Foods Mayonnaise, and salt and black relish, just that. My friends would walk by to meet me to head to the stop, but when they arrived they all got hungry, and of course mom would wrap some up for two or three of my buddies. And since tuna can give you bad breath, we all had Wrigley's spearmint gum to chew. Those were the days man, simple and good. Looking back we may have been poor money wise... but rich with love, shelter, friendships and all that, I would never change that for all the money in the world... well depends on the fine print.

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