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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


In this post there will be no photos, no videos, non of that eye visual thing, just words to paint a picture. We live in a small world, with technology the way it is, social media and all that, we can get information very very quickly. We can watch someone in India cook a meal, in his home, and we can imagine the aroma that he's smelling when cooking his curry as he adds more masala.

The Food Network started it all, food became a sport, a hobby, an event. Looking back at all this foodie thing, it really amazes me in how people are responding to foods from all over the world. For instance take the Japanese condiment furikake, a mixture of dried ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, freeze dried salmon particles, shiso, MSG, miso powder, salt, sugar, soy. Furikake is sprinkled on everything from cheese burgers, pastas, onion rings, french fries, fried chicken, everything. We live in a small foodie world, a small foodie planet.

I'm not into fusion, I like the real deal if that makes sense. If I'm eating Italian from some coastal region, then that's what I want, I don't want a Tokyo/Italiano meal. Get the drift I'm leaving in your wake? Or if I'm eating Filipino food, for God's sake don't fuse it with Korean. If I want to eat Korean, gimme true or as true a Korean dish as you can get me. Just a small post to think about. Our planet is small all because of media, social media that is, and before I die, I'll probably croak on all this online thing, there's just too much. 

Until next time, be at peace!

Ron Sambrano

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