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Monday, December 31, 2012


Over the past few months, it was pretty depressing, my health went south of the border, a foot ailment, it put me on the couch off and on for a total of nearly a month. Cash wasn't flowing in, and I couldn't get Christmas presents for anyone in my life considered special, it was the most horrible holiday season to date.

Life for me isn't that bad at all, right now I got family that's got my back, but I really need to get on my feet again, and do what I was put on this earth to do.'s hard to do things on your own, trying to start anything without money is like walking on sharp glass, you can't get very far, shoes can help walking on sharp glass, and money can help you get started in any project that hopefully leads to well...making money. So life goes on, and in the news it's all about that stupid Fiscal Cliff, and all you hear is negatives when it comes to the financial world, is the dollar going to survive? Do you need gold instead of cash?

That's just too much information to gather, right now I need peace, a space to focus on what I can attain for 2013. Sure I want that whole enchilada, I want that big ass pie for myself, and then I can feed my loved ones you know? Life isn't hard, it's not that bad, however I'm not getting the breaks I really need. And we all need a break right? Just a hit. Look at it this way, I am on second base, but everyone that is coming up to bat is striking out, get the picture? 

Yeah yeah, my friends tell me "Ron will you snap out of this, for God's sake you got more talent than most people, get going, get working, don't stop." Whatever that means...well, I just want to work at what I want to do, that's my road block, I just need that break, also some financial backing would work out fine. Yeah money for the right reasons man, that's all so I can do my thing...Gone are the days of splurging on stupid material things that don't matter in life... just money so I can get to work you know?

Well, I'm in the hole still, but what makes life really good is when a friend stops by and picks you up and takes you to breakfast. First I wanted to get my brother Ron a great friend some breakfast at maybe some quick food joint. But Ron knowing I'm still in a hole decides to take me to breakfast at Lulu's in Lahaina.

So life isn't going my way fully just yet, but 2013 is a few hours away, and I hope my negatives turn into positives, but eating this morning at Lulu's was awesome, we both had the Ahi Benedict, with fried rice. Ono! Or delicious for you peeps that don't know Hawaiian words.

Yeah, good friends and family matter more than anything, because when you're down in life and trying, and your friends know it, and they stop by occasionally to treat you to a meal that's worth more than a gazillion dollars! Seriously, if I had a gazillion dollars and no friends, that would suck.

So 2013, I hope the jobs comes my way so next Christmas...I'll be able to get something for those I love and those who love me...there's nothing more lame than having someone you love getting nothing for Christmas...sometimes it just ends up like that. Lesson...times are hard, and the jobs you counted on may not show up for various reasons...and man, that's lame. However, life moves forward with good friends and family, it makes life worth living. And I know God has this upon me as a test. If I keep my head in the game...that next person will probably get a single and I'll move to third base. is just a game..just a game we really can't win, but we can hang in there day in and day out. At least hang in there, because one day we won't be on this earth, so really we can't win here, just survive.

Thanks to brother Ron and Lulu's in Lahaina, and my family that cares for is okay, it's pretty good, God's just testing me..."Well God it's been about a 5 year test, I hope I have some good grades."