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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A little lesson on the different cuts of beef, today I'll talk about the Top Round, it is a dry cut of beef, and does not lend well to dry heat methods of cooking such as roasting, grilling, broiling. Though some butcher shops across the U.S. call this cut the London Broil. But in actuality, the cut used in London Broil generally was the flank. 

But the Top Round because it is a cut far from the ribs and the nice marbled regions, this cut is great for braising, or any moist heat types of cooking. Slow cooking methods are perfect, if you can toss a few cubes of Top Round in a Crock Pot with some herbs, stock, water, after a few hours you got a nice juicy beef dish. A lot of grillers including myself look for the rib eyes, strips, sirloins, and never consider stopping at the meat section for a Top Round. I mean just look at it, it looks unappealing. Period.

Okay let's use a Top Round, we'll use about 1 1/2 pounds, and we are going to cut it into 1 1/2 inch cubes or squares.

Season it with salt and pepper and set it aside.

Place all of the beef cubs into the bottom of a slow cooker, add a sprig of thyme, and some rosemary. 

Cut a large potato into 2 inch cubes and place it towards the edge of the pot.

Cut a large carrot into 1 1/2 inch slices and place it around the edges of the pot.

Pour in 1 cup of red wine into the pot.

Pour in 1 can of low sodium beef broth into the pot.

Turn on the slow cooker for about 3 hours, and you'll have a perfect stew. Simple feeds 2.

When I do this, my veggies get all mushy but I don't give a shit, but if you do give a shit, put the veggies in a little later like an 1 1/2 before it is done cooking.