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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Christmas 2012 is about 3 weeks away, so what the heck do you get that foodie in the family? Does he or she love to make silky smooth soups? Or semi large batches of pesto? Well I tested the Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender, a.k.a. an immersion blender.

This tool is great for blending soups with beans in it, or veggies that you want pulverized into a smooth concoction, just place this into the pot and turn it on and start our hand blending. Or use it to make sauces, in small batches, this tool works fine.

It has 200 watts of power, it is cordless with a rechargeable battery you just plug into any socket.

With this tool it's easier to blend foods because you can easily take it to a bowl, or another container to mix whatever needs mixing. 


Small batch of pesto in a glass, placed basil inside with some olive oil and pine nuts, a little lemon juice, and pulsed it into pesto. I like the handling of this machine very tough for the price.

Mixed some beans that was inside a soup with some veggies, I just took the blender and stuck it into the pot of soup and again pulsed it into a fine blended soup that looked nice.

Comes with a beaker to chop up other items like garlic, ginger, whatever it is convenient.

Then it was mayonnaise time, fresh eggs and the Smart Stick, easy. Placed a few whole eggs into a mixing bowl, added some lemon juice, some vinegar, and just slowly added in the vegetable oil with one hand and just pulsed with the other, slowly adding more oil to the mixing bowl, and viola! Homemade mayonnaise.

So what do I give this product that cost anywhere from 60.00 to 80.00 depending where you shop. I'll give it a big YAY! So for the price very good for that foodie that loves to blend everything in the kitchen.