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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


There's nothing like good friends who help out each other succeed. Yesterday April 6, 2015 was an epic day of just that.

First off I had a business meeting at the local IHOP to discuss matters I can't reveal because it's top secret. Also in town was a friend from Honolulu that wanted to see me and discuss a project we are working on. It was a fitting day, a day that fit like a glove, smooth like silk, smooth like buttah. 

My buddy Stevan Holt is opening up a shop in the Maui Mall in Maui Hawaii called The Tea Box, a shop dedicated to serving up quality teas and fine pastries. It's a small operation to be opened soon by the end of April. Stevan is a rock and roll guitarist in his earlier years, but still likes to jam, however he's more a businessman now. And teas are his thing. "I'll have a lot of teas, you can come inside and relax, drink tea, read," says Stevan. 

With a lot more work to be done to get ready for grand opening day, he said it was not an easy task starting this new venture, but the new owners of the mall is friendly and worked with him to make things easy, all the things he asked for he got, except he says, "two parking stalls, but it was worth asking."

Selfie with Corey (l), Stevan (c), and Wilmont Kahaialii (r)

Stevan telling us what the game plan is

Stevan (r) with my buddy Peter Pao (l) sharing ideas

Below are photos of mochi for Nisshodo Mochiya in Honolulu, got to thank Peter for it, was very delicious, soft sweet rice flour delights.

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