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Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Locals in Hawaii love to 
cruise, take it easy, go to the beach, visit family and friends. And when we cruise, we cruise with a purpose...does that make any sense? Purposeful cruising, haha. 

No matter what island you come from locals have one thing in common, it's the love for good food. Now good food doesn't mean foods sautéed in wine and garlic butter, and pate and aged beef. Comfort foods are what locals are into, simple easy to make comfort foods. Cruising to an uncle's house for some beer is standard, and with it comes food. Dropping in unannounced is not a good thing by most standards, it's always good to give anyone a heads up before dropping in. It's not like the old days when everyone worked at the mill and came home at the same time. Now days everyone is burnt out from differing schedules. So giving someone a call before hand is really a good thing.

So what's expected at a local's beer stop? Well for one thing, most peeps in Hawaii has a back yard, and in a back yard there's always a small area where the large fishing cooler is stored with ice, and no fish if not on the ocean but you guessed it, cold beers. Not only beers but some meats ready for the grill. So whenever you are invited to a local's beer get together, do stop by. And maybe bring a 12 er yourself, and a pound of raw fish, or poke style from a local supermarket that's building good relationships right off the bat!

What's on the grill? Maybe it's some shrimp aunty had marinating in some soy sauce and sesame oil with some garlic and ginger. Or some Korean Kalbi ribs, or thin slices of teriyaki beef. Some locals will toss on a few packs of Portuguese sausage that's always great with some rice and beer. So be a local style peeps yourself. Cruising with a purpose, and that is to eat and drink as being a part of the cruise.

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