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Monday, April 13, 2015


Another day trying to find some cool drink...and where do you go? Do you head to Whole Foods? Nope. Safeway? Maybe. Food World? Is there a Food World?

The place most of us go to is that little corner store/gas station right? Right! And in these little food expresses that serve four grades of fuel, Diesel, Unleaded in three grades, there's all kinds of food and drink that isn't really healthy, but what the heck, if you're thirsty or hungry, that little corner store in any town U.S.A., hits the spot. Tree hugger organics...sorry. 

So here's a little stuff I wanted to fool with.
SPAM theres nothing like Spam to start off the mornings, slice a few and stick in a hot pan sear these little slabs up, eat em with 2 eggs overeasy. Or make a sandwich with some cheese, mustard, ketchup and some mayonnaise. Or cook em with tomatoes and onions, Spam rocks man! And you can get em at that little corner store that sells gas.
Kellog's Frosted Flakes is the cereal I used to love eating every Saturday mornings watching cartoons. Those crispy corn flakes, soaked with cold milk are so good! And when all the flakes are eaten, I drink the milk in the bowl that by now is really sweet. And Tony the Tiger is the best character on those cereal boxes, "There grrrrrrrreat!"
LOG CABIN Pancake Syrup for your GMO pancake batter, matches up real fine. And this is not real maple syrup, the ingredients is mostly artificial stuff. So you can have your pancakes, but there's a good chance spreading a lot of this stuff on your hotcakes will give you pre-diabetes.
Beers are always found at little corner stores, it's common to see all those alcoholics coming in as soon as it's open for booze business. In Hawaii it's like 6:00 am to 10:50 pm. So in between this time, it is the time to get entertained. People without I.Ds., Smashed drunks that are denied a purchase, underaged kids giving money to adults to buy them beers. Only at the corner store.

Jade Cuttle Fish, these salty strands of fish is great for snacking and drinking beers, however you will need some breath mints afterwards, don't bother trying to make out with someone, the crap does smell fishy. But if you're at the beach or camping with the boys who really gives a rat's ass?
Freal milkshakes another diabetic concoction, for about 5 bucks you get to choose your poison, stick the cup under a blender and in a few seconds you got yourself a milkshake. I gotta say, there's some good flavors in this thing..However the dumb machine is broken. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a good day!

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