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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I was feeling hungry, but I was tired of the same old foods in Lahaina. Didn't want any mainland bistro crap. Didn't want a loco moco from L&L. Hmmm, I got it! I'll catch the bus to Lahaina Square and eat beef chow fun at No. 1 Chinese BBQ, yeah that's the ticket!!!!

Did I go to No.1 BBQ? Yes I did, well I walked through the parking lot only to notice there were like 3 families with 4-5 people each, and one weird looking homeless guy. Didn't want to get asked for money, or didn't want to converse with some guy from who knows where, sorry wasn't in the mood, all  wanted to do was scarf a plate of beef chow fun. 

Hell with this, that guy's going to bug me, I can see it. What's this next door an open sign is bright red calling me to check it out. And I did, it was the new guys that took the spot where Zushi Japanese Foods was located. Art the owner waved me inside. "Hey come inside don't look through the window." Alright, I'm inside. I noticed the photos of the food on the wall looked really good.

So Art told me he and his wife has been opened for over a year, why did I wait this long to sample this Korean influenced diner? My family members go there occasionally and have good things to say about it. I just explained that I was busy or something, sad excuse considering I live only a mile away. 

"So we can make a plate with anything you see on the menu, and you get a choice of white or brown rice, and four sides." I looked at the sides, and I saw seaweed salad, cucumber kimchi, kimchi cabbage, and mac salad. "I'll take those four, those sides I was just contemplating, and I want the Meat Jun."

The thing I like about this place is that Art and his wife cooks the food fresh, and the portions are more than generous, I mean if I was married I could have shared that meat jun plate, but I'm not so it was all for MEEEEEE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I AIN'T SHARING THIS PLATE BABY!!!! Art even brought me the plate to the table, that was good service. The meat jun was tender, and it was tasty, not like teriyaki, some people make meat jun and it tastes like teriyaki, too sweet. And it was cut into larger than bite sized pieces, you could finger pick it, or just stab it with your fork, or chopsticks, it was sliced so you didn't need to bring any knives. The sides of veggies was excellent too, the kimchi cabbage rocked, with hints of shrimp inside, this was an awesome evening of mopping up a Korean style plate. 


Waiting for my grinez, to eat, and then watch Netflix!