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Monday, August 10, 2015


 Today we had to go to OGG a.k.a. Kahului Airport Maui to pick up my sister that flew in from the mainland. After we picked her up we headed straight to the Maui Lani Golf Course and ate at Cafe O Lei.

I had the Cheese Burger made with home grown Maui ground beef, that was filling. (I blogged this same burger a month ago)... And I had to put some ketchup, mustard on the fries, and some Best Foods Mayonnaise on the burger itself.


My niece had the Mahi with Capers with white rice and veggies, looked good, delicious and fresh.
© 2015

And my sister had the Crab Sandwich, that looked good too. It was huge, she took the other half for her to go. Life is good when you can eat a good lunch with family at Cafe O Lei on Maui.
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Cafe O Lei has a location in Kihei in the Rainbow Mall, so if you are on Maui, and you're in the south side district, check them out upstairs, they got the same delicious ono kine grines! The prices are down right reasonable, and they do have a bar for those of you that want a nice cold one, also a t.v. with sports on it, well the one in Maui Lani is at the Dunes Golf Course, so the Golf Channel is always on, I'm not a good golfer by any means, but I like to watch golf it's relaxing. If I can't smoke weed, golf is relaxing.

Until next time Ron.
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