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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Last night was bloody HOT!!!!! It was the first annual Food Smack Down at the Lahaina Civic Center on Maui. I assisted my family selling lumpia and wontons. I was at the wok.. check it, I was at the wok with Uncle Lawrence, we were the slaves. Starting at 430pm in the hot Lahaina sun, coupled with the hot oil... man it was grueling!

The festival was interesting, with most of my favorite food trucks and restaurants representing themselves. Lulu's was right next to us, and we traded samples, lumpia and wontons for oxtail soup, furikake fries. And next to us on the opposite side we got some trades with mochiko chicken. Like Poke? food truck was at the other end. Teppanyaki 2 Go was there, and other local families making chili and rice.

The turn out wasn't that huge possibly because of high school football season, and Fourth Friday down in Kihei, we ended up taking home a lot of food, at least the family will have extra pupus when someone comes over. Food will always be used one way or another.

The brainchild for the event was Chef Adam Tabura from the island of Lanai, he was part of the Aloha Food Truck team that won the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network a couple of years ago. And one of the judges for the Smack Down was Chef Sheldon Simeon who was a runner-up on Bravo's Top Chef Seattle a few years back. Although they have that name recognition, locals in general really don't care, they don't, some do, but most don't care, it's just the culture. The crowd wasn't huge, but it was excellent, Lahaina style excellent. A small town event. I hope it continues, because it is local to the max. Locals here need to support what these two local celebrity chefs are doing, and that is to keep our culture going. 

Check it for next year if you are traveling to Maui.

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