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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The propane cylinder you see here on the left is common in many a local's garage and backyard. Why?

Locals use this combination Liquid petroleum gas to light up their powerful on steroids wok burners to cook up their famous Chicken Hekka, Lemon Chicken, Chow Fun, Lumpia, Wontons, Chicken and Long Rice, or to steam lau lau.

It's pretty natural for a local brother ready to cook out with his wok only to find out that his propane cylinder is out of gas. Here's a typical funny situation for a local brother. He is off on a Saturday night, so he and his wife invite friends over around 5pm to start the cocktails, and conversations. Possibly set up some amps so the boys that play guitars can jam. The kids help out by washing down the concrete, mow the lawn, clean the inside of the house etc.

So once the shopping is all done by 1pm, the prepping begins, wife starts to chop veggies, husband starts to slice the fish, beef and pork. And the kids help by making the macaroni salad, and some desserts as well as help to ice down the soft drinks.

430 pm, half hour before SHOW TIME! 
Local brother sets up his wok burner, he sets up mise en place all ready to go, it's 5 pm, all his friends and their wives and kids are piling in. The amp is already plugged in, with the voice of Eddy the heavy equipment operator testing his mic, "Testing one two! One two testing!" Kids are laughing and running around, with an aunty shouting, "Hey don't run on the street!"

Brother man hooks up the supply line from the propane cylinder to the wok burner, he takes a cold beer, shakes hands with his buddies, he turns on the supply line to let the propane flow to the burner. He turns on the burner, "click," but no flame. "Hah?"

Long story short, he is out of propane, all of his other cylinders are empty, and all of his friends are also out. Next stop? The hardware store to refill the cylinders. Of course the wives are making fun of the men.... As usual! 

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