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Monday, August 24, 2015


Ever had the late night munchies? And you're thinking, "I'll just walk down to Johnny's Late Night Diner and grab me a burger." I know you all had that a few times in your life, as a matter of fact like me it was probably early this morning after midnight right? Right? No lie, you like to stuff your face before you go to bed. Well last night was that night. Our version of Johnny's Late Night Diner is a corner eatery that serves plate lunches, shoyu chicken, pork and peas, sweet sour spareribs, chicken cutlet, roast pork with gravy. And sometimes I'll heat up a burger and some chips, or heat up some saimin noodles.

When the late night diner is closed with no warning, it is like someone died unexpectedly. "What? I had no freeking clue! Why? Why? She was so healthy!" In this case it was like, "Why? Why? I'm freeking hungry!" Yeah people the late night diner was closed! Like I did not matter. But there must be a reason right? There's always a reason for situations like this. Let's take a look at some of the possible educated reasons they did not open for me.

1. They had bad food inventory.
2. The chef called in sick and nobody wanted to step up to the plate to work, lazy bitches!
3. The plumbing was clogged.
4. They didn't prep enough food, they ran out super early by the time I showed up.
5. The chef decided to go and kill his roommate for stealing his 9 iron.
6. The chef decided to go and kill his roommate for sleeping with his girlfriend.
7. The cashier killed the chef.
8. The safe couldn't be opened.
9. There was a roach in the chowder, and a customer who has a gazillion followers on Facebook posted pics of it on her timeline and it went viral, so no one showed up and business was slow.
10. You fill in the blank_______________________.

So basically, there could be more reasons we don't know about on why they were not opened for business. So maybe tonight, if I'm hungry because I'll be off of work later in the evening, they'll be open. And hopefully the food won't have roaches in it, nor will the chef be in prison for killing someone.

Until next time.

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