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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Lunch time in Down Town Las Vegas, the temperature out was 101 degrees F. Not too bad considering last week it was over 115, I'll take this any day. And I want to thank the engineering crew of the hotel (California Hotel & Casino) for maintaining the air conditioning throughout the building. Got to be cold when I enter.

So I'm thinking of what to eat at the Market Street Cafe located on the casino floor at the THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL & CASINO , because the day I arrived and went to the Market Street to eat, I sat next to this old man, and I say old man out of respect. He was a skinny guy, in his late 80's for sure. Or he was 25 on meth. So I'm looking at the menu because if the item on the menu has a little picture of a palm tree, it's all part of a free meal that comes with your meal coupon book. Well not free, all the money you spend gambling pays for it somehow. Well long story short the man ordered the Island Braised Short Ribs, and it was huge! As I turned not so obviously to watch him eat, I did notice the man did not use his steak knife. He cut the meat with his fork. I'm thinking, "I'll get that... but not today, I'll go for the Prime Rib because it's part of the Specialty ticket, yay!"

So for lunch guess what, I stroll into the Market Street Cafe, locked and loaded! Got my tip money at the ready, got my coupon book at the ready, got Santana's Stormy playing on my iPhone 6s, I am styling baby! Styling! I head for the counter, and take a seat. But shit, it's somebody's seat, I had to find another one. I did. 

"Hello can I get you water or coffee?" asked the lovely lady at the counter.
"Coffee, cream and sugar please."
"OK, do you need a menu?"

LOL, menu? Are you kidding me? I'm Ron the foodie. I been in here the other day, I saw the old gent eating that soft Island Braised Short Ribs, me need a menu? I think not!

"Yeah, I'll take a menu." I had to make sure that that dish had the little picture of the palm tree. I'm a cheap son of a bitch, I don't have a lot of cash. The menu came, and I glanced at the palm tree attached to the words Island Braised Short Ribs. "I know now I'll have the Island Braised Short Ribs mam."

"OK, Island Braised Short Ribs."

I sauce up my coffee, one Splenda, and one cream. I stir. My game face on. Now I'm listening to Black Magic Woman from Santana, I'm ready to rock baby! Ready to devour my Island Braised Short Ribs!

Finally it came. Steamy hot rice, a ramekin of mac salad, and- well frozen veggies no problem all yay yay. And then the flanken cut beef short ribs, thick and then braised Island style. Sweet soy sauce, almost like teriyaki, in fact I think it was watered down Teri sauce but what the hell it was soft, tender, melted in the mouth good! I mopped that sucker up in no time! No time! Bring on more food man! I'll knock em out of the park Yee Ha!

Look at this, a gambler's dream lunch, and it's served all day!
Before my first bite, I gotta show you a slice,
can you smell it? Imagine.
Ahh, yes my friend life is good isn't it?

After the meal, I was stuffed, as a matter of fact I didn't finish the rice or the Mac salad, too full baby! Too full! Ah life is good man, life is good. In a few I'll head down to the new noodle shop and try their noodles. Yay!

So this dish called the Island Braised Short Ribs, on the Yay :) or Nay :( scale, it favored the :) Yay side. Try it out if you're at the THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL & CASINO

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