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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maui's Krispy Kreme

Life is a dozen doughnuts right? Right? I mean who doesn't love a fresh fried sugary sweet doughnut? What red blooded American doesn't want one? Sure cops gave doughnuts a good name in those old t.v. shows. "Hey where's Kojack?" He's sucking on a lollipop and whacking a glazed doughnut.

Maui, who would have thought Krispy Kreme would succeed on Maui? I mean we have a lot of diabetics here, in fact my sugar count is pretty elevated, that's why I run a lot, like ten miles a day. No shitting. 

I don't know how long this store has been opened, but it's been a few long years. Me I'm not much of doughnut lover, but occasionally I'll stop by this place and get a couple of Old Fashion doughnuts, and maybe two Original Glazed. The latter is preferred. That and a cup of black coffee hits the spot. Yeah I could go for a vegan mango bread, but that doesn't do well dunking it in hot black coffee, it's gotta be a doughnut.

Located at 433 Kele St. Kahului, HI 96732, usually opened from 5 am to 10 pm, call em up at 808-893-0883. They are super close to Costco and OGG (Kahului Airport).

No I didn't eat all 6, though I did nail 3, my buddy ate the other 3!
Haha... don't tell my doctor that shit!

The counter service is good, friendly staff, all kinds of doughnuts 
to satisfy the most finicky doughnut connoisseur.
The doughnut fryer, producing fresh sweets, a glass
window separates the work area from the lobby, 
makes for an entertaining time. If you are stoned!
After the glazed is added, it is boxed and ready to be dunked 
in hot coffee!
A poster hanging in the lobby of the mascot,
I don't know his name but kind of looks
Dr. Seusseee.
They got t-shirts and fundraisers too.

Krispy Kreme's store is clean, and I think they got wifi too, I see people with computers in there. Having a sugar rush is good sometimes, especially on the drive back to Lahaina, it's about an hour's drive with traffic. Stalled traffic makes me tired and drowsy. But wait! I wasn't even driving on this day, my buddy was. And he needed a sugar rush. I just ate for the hell of it. I was just thinking, is there a book on the proper way to dunk a doughnut? 

Have a nice day my friends!

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