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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

STEAK & EGGS, WITH COFFEE At The Market St. Cafe

Steak & Eggs at the Market Street Cafe located at the California Hotel and Casino for breakfast was perfect. As you can see, I got some ketchup on the hash browns, and I poked one of the eggs so that the yolk starts running on to one section of the plate, just so that the first slice of beef steak will be dipped into the fresh yolk. Of course I sprinkled some salt on the items on the plate too. Also two pieces of whole wheat toast with real butter, oh so good! This is comfort foodie stuff baby! The coffee was fresh, with one sugar one cream.

The nice thing about staying at the Cal, is that everybody has a meal coupon book, enough for every day that one stays there. One breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one specialty meal. They are open 24/7, great place for the all night gambler, or the vampires lurking around town.

I got there around 6 am, and at that time, some vamps are out ready to call it a day, this lady sat next to me, looks like she was stoned or something, she was high for sure. She was mumbling something to me. I just said, "Hi," and devoured my breakfast. Boom! Ready to sleep.

A close up shot of the yolk running under the breakfast steak

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