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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The HEART ATTACK GRILL located on Fremont Street in Down Town Las Vegas is really a fun place to eat a burger. Most foodies know about this place. I won't get into the history of this dive because all you gotta do is Google it, and you'll have all the info. Nor am I going to tell you who the owner is just Google it.

So I head down Fremont Street hungry for a burger. I enter and the lovely Ashley greets me. She says hello and then informs me that I must wear a hospital gown, and if I take it off they will kick me out! Wow, I want to finish my burger I ain't gonna take that off. So Ashley tells me to sit at the counter, and oh yeah before I forget if I don't finish my burger, I'll get a spanking from one of the cute nurses or make that waitresses dressed in nurses outfits. OK cool. I sit at the counter, and Ryan is the doctor on call, or make that the counter dude dressed as a doctor.

"Hi how's it going?"
"Good sir, what would like like to eat today, the girls at the door did tell you how all this works right?"
"Yes she did."
"OK, so here's all the burgers, choose which one you want, would you like something cold to drink to start off?"
"Yeah dude, I'll take a Coke."
So I look at the menu and I see the Double Bypass, two huge burgers, chili, onions, tomatoes, looks great.
"Here's your Coke. Did you decide?"
"Yeah I'll take the Double Bypass."
"You know you'll get a pound of burger right?"
At this point, I'm thinking maybe not. I'm used to the doubles at Teddy's Bigger Burger on Maui, the 2x 5 oz. which is my double standard, but not a whole pound.
"Maybe I'll get the Single By Pass."

So I wait for my burger, which was going to be topped with chili more beef, that single was huge enough and I can eat a burger or two. Flatline Fries came with that too, so that was a lot of food. Come to find out, Ryan was from Maui as well, interestingly enough I think I played golf with one of his uncles. For personal security, I won't say his last name. But yeah- Ryan is from Maui, lived in Vegas since he was 13.

So the Burger came, my Single Bypass Burger showed up brought to me by a cute nurse, or waitress, and I went to town! The chili was tasty, the burger was juicy, onions were sweet, tomatoes were fresh, and oh yes, bacon too I forgot to tell you there was crispy bacon on this thing and it was huge enough. I heard football players, or heavy training athletes can eat the Quadruple, that's 2 pounds! Yikes!
The Single Bypass, you can't see all the good stuff but it's there!
Look at that, a little blurry but you can see it's huge!
That's it right there at close-up
Ashley ready to fit me with a hospital gown
Ashley said I could take a selfie with her cool
Dr. Ryan from Maui, "The prognosis is not good sir."
Just finished the Single Bypass, maybe the Double Bypass
will be next on the agenda. Thanks Ryan, make that
Dr. Ryan and Nurse Ashley!
The interior is totally branded
Giant pill bottle hanging from the rafters
All blurry again as I exit the Heart Attack Grill


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