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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Just arrived in Las Vegas, the temperature 100 degrees. It is 630pm, I checked in at the California Hotel and Casino. I head to the Market Street Cafe, and order some coffee, and a Cherry Jubilee. Hit the spot. Something sweet, with some caffeine. Love it, a dish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with some sweet cherry sauce on the bottom, the ice cream topped with whipped cream. My coffee, cream and sugar, boom! Ready to hit the Fremont Street Experience rock shows. Ok, ok, they're all local Vegas cover bands but they're really good players.

The first band I hear, is this four man band called Jeff Leppard. Cool. They played a lot of old school rock, the whole band was exceptionally polished rock musicians. All the songs sounded like the records, great sound system and lighting. And since I used to play drums I was of course fixated on the drummer. Who ever he was, he was locked in. Hell the whole band was locked in, from Huey Lewis, The Eagles, Lover Boy... even... that's right Neal Diamond's Sweet Caroline. Man these guys were a great party band. When you got a band that makes people go dance, jump and sing along, now that's rock and roll.

The drummer's kit sounded KICK ASS!
Jeff Leppard, like I said, they're a cover band 
but they sounded good, hey man that's rock and roll!
And of course Fremont Street is filled with
scantly clad women trying to make a buck.

Fremont Street had three stages with different rock bands, and all of them in their own way kicked ass! Coming from Maui, we are deprived of good bands. All we got to market is what, Willie K? Yeah he's talented, but after a while it becomes an overdose of Willie K! Blah! Enough is enough, Maui get more talent! Please!

More Vegas blogging coming up soon!

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