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Thursday, June 29, 2017


It's past midnight in Las Vegas, the temperature is 105 degrees F, getting a little hungry. The day before I did the Heart Attack Grill thing. So do I need to eat this time of morning? Yes I do! After all, strolling down Fremont Street and watching those cover rock bands can work up an appetite. So I headed to the Market Street Cafe located on the casino level at the CALIFORNIA HOTEL AND CASINO  to eat a Prime Rib Scramble. it is made with 3 whole soft scrambled eggs, with a few ounces of cube prime rib, and some sliced green onions. It came with a huge piece of hash browns, and two pieces of white toast smothered in real butter. But was it good?

Here's my take on this dish, the eggs were good, you could tell that it wasn't sitting around the kitchen, and the cooks just nuked it when an order came in, I mean you can just tell. However, the cubed prime rib had an aged taste, like it was prime rib that sat uncovered in the fridge. To kill that after taste, I had to douse the dish with soy sauce and it remedied the taste problem. The hash brown was good, and instead of coffee I got a Pepsi. I don't have much gripes at restaurants, especially here at the Market Street Cafe, I mean I used my meal coupon for this dish, I spent two bucks for a tip for the counter person, it was okay, no big deal that the cubed prime rib tasted a little older. You know, it's like you had a party and you took your leftover prime rib and put it in your fridge, but somehow the plastic wrapping came off and the meat began to absorb aromas from the other items. You won't chuck it out to trash, you can always use it, maybe put it in a bowl of hot ramen or saimin soup.

So on the yay or nay scale, this had to favor more towards the yay :) side. The only nay was sitting at the counter with two loud mouth fools sitting towards the right of me. I got the feeling those guys wanted to start a convo with me but shit, I was not in the mood for conversation. 

Street Drummer on Fremont St.

The brother in the photo above was drumming on empty 5 gallon plastic buckets, creating some awesome rhythms that had two of his buddies break dancing on either side of him. He did draw a crowd, I had to toss a few dollars in his tip bucket. I mean I can see talent when I see it, this guy and his buddies were hungry, they really worked hard, I got a lot of respect for that stuff. They aren't beggars, they got something and they're saying, "Hey look at us, we got talent. We are here to make you feel happy."

Waking out of the First St. Stage
The Cal in sight

Walking back to the Cal in 105 degree weather at night, you got to be hydrated even when it's dark out.

Main Street Station around the corner

Now that I have blogged this piece of work, now I will get ready to go to sleep! Yeah!

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