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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


It was time for lunch, I was craving some good soup with some noodles. But what kind? My thoughts were deep, I was in another dimension, nothing could have broken my concentration, absolutely nothing. In fact I crossed the center line on the highway without me realizing it. It took a tourist couple in a Mustang convertible at the next stop light to inform me, "Hey sir... did you know you almost killed yourself and some others? You crossed the center line back there. By the way are you thinking about food?" I smiled and winked at them, why of course I was thinking about food.

Now back to my deep thoughts, I could have driven to some Thai place and got some Tom Yum, that hot and spicy Thai style soup with some rice noodles added in. But nah, I wanted something that I was more familiar with, something I grew up on. Ah, I know I'll get some saimin. Saimin. Not ramen. Saimin. What's the difference? Who cares, I don't know go look it up. All I know is I went to Wei Wei Bar B Q & Noodle House in Wailuku, Maui. I glanced at the menu and there it was, a divine moment in time, I just had to order this stuff. Yes, homemade broth, made by simmering bones of beef, veggies, whatever the cook had to simmer. As long as it wasn't someones pet named Fluffy. Hah hah.

I order, "Yes mam, nice day eh? Can I have the Roast Duck Saimin?" Perfect. I also ordered a large Coke, the kind lady at the counter gave me a large cup and I filled it with ice, and Coke. Then I made my way to a table, and went back to the counter to fill a ramekin with some soy sauce, and got me some chop sticks and a few napkins. As I sat there, now in not so deep thought, I was thinking of stupid things like, I need to order some Vic Firth drumsticks, but what model? Should I get the 5b barrel tips? Or the American Classic Rock model? Stupid me, I don't even own a drum set. 

Then the moment of truth, the kind lady is coming towards me with my food, my roast duck saimin, and I'm ready to devour it! "Here you go." I say thanks. And I look around with my game face, others glance at me in slow motion. They know what I am about to do, and that is mop my food. In other words, DO NOT BOTHER MR. FOODIE!

The bowl was steaming! The crispy roast duck was looking good. I took one bite of the duck, and man it was good. The skin was crispy. Then, I took some noodles, those thin noodles made from wheat, and I twirled it around my chop sticks, and man that was delicious, the flavor of the broth stuck to it. Then I got a piece of broccoli and it was fresh. Then I took my soup spoon and scooped some of that hot steamy broth. Oh man it was good, epic, to the max tastylishous. 

I gotta admit, the Roast Duck Saimin at Wei Wei is awesome, well that day anyway, who knows the next time I go there, the cook might be in a deep funk. But on that day it was very good. Check them out Wei Wei Bar B Q & Noodle House on Maui, located at 210 Imi Kala St. #201, Wailuku, HI 96793; 808-242-7928

The Roast Duck Saimin, the noodles are under all the other stuff!

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