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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Garden Court Buffet Main Street Station

All you can eat lunch buffet at the Main Street Station's Garden Court Buffet, from 11am-3pm, all you can eat. The THE GARDEN COURT BUFFET located on the casino floor at the Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel located right across the street and joined by a walking bridge with the California Hotel and Casino, both properties are sister properties with the Boyd Gaming Corp.

Most buffet foods are mass produced for obvious reasons. Foods sit in steamer pans to keep warm and safe to prevent food poisoning, and for lunch the food items are what most people want. From stir fries, island fare, Asian style, Mexican style, Italian style, American style, a full salad bar with veggies and fruits. Any beverage you want (you may pay extra), and a dessert spread that really does the job. There's a soft serve ice milk machine with vanilla and chocolate as the primary flavors. And yes there is sprinkles for one to put over the ice milk. I was watching people, and most went for desserts, I mean paying about 10 bucks per person, you might as well.

First thing I did was sit down, and a waiter asked me what I wanted to drink, and I ordered Pepsi. Then I went to the brisket station, there a carving master sliced me two slices of BBQ brisket. Then I got a few hot wings and some mashed potatoes.

Mash, Hot Wings, and BBQ Brisket
The brisket was actually pretty tender and tasty

Next I got myself some pizza, now this was like maybe frozen stuff they buy in bulk and just stick it in a cook and hold until the display needs more pizza.

Not the best but for an all you can eat what should I expect?

Beef Tacos

After the pizzas, I got some beef tacos with no toppings, I didn't feel like toppings. Again for an all you can eat, don't expect gourmet beef tacos. Don't expect spicy stewed beef or pork and filled in a fresh corn tortilla, no sir, expect food service supplied tortillas and filling. It was ok for a buffet.

Now for dessert, and I went for the soft serve vanilla ice milk, look at it, my swirling technique sucks for sure, but I am not working at a DQ. And believe it or not, I loved it. Not Roselani Ice Cream from Maui, or Baskin Robbins but it satisfied.

Vanilla soft serve ice milk, it was good. For what it's worth
The inside is nice and clean
Very clean at the least the way it should be
On the bridge connecting the California to the Main Street
Heading back to the Cal
Looking south from the bridge
Looking north from the bridge

Over all, the Sam Boyd properties are cool, the Hawaiians make out on these trips, free food for gambling, flights, room, and transportation included, makes for a good few nights getaway.

Now for the Yay :) or Nay :( ratings.

Price: Yay ($10.00)
Cleanliness: Yay :)
Service: Yay :)
Food variety: Yay :)
Accessibility: Yay :)
Food Quality: (For a $10.00 buffet) Yay :) * If you are looking for gourmet then it's a Nay :(

There you go, The Garden Court All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet for $10.00 is alright for what you pay for.

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