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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

TELL ME WHERE TO EAT IN YOUR HOMETOWN (Bibimbap House, Salem, Oregon)

Today on Maui I met two young ladies from the state of Oregon. And I asked them the question, "Tell me where to eat in your hometown." I was informed that they love to eat Korean and Japanese food.
Hey that's right up my alley I love Korean and Japanese food, there's nothing like a good meat jun with kimchi, or some japchae, or kalbi. Or a good katsu don, or some sukiyaki, saimin, or ramen. And sushi accompanied with miso soup... I love this conversation.

So my two new friends Holly and Casandra from Salem, Oregon told me that if I ever get to Salem anytime soon they'd take me to this dive called Bibimbap House.

"This place is really good," said Casandra. She wore a dark green tee shirt with a yellow O, I guess she's a Duck fan. "I grew up in a neighborhood with Asian families, so we're familiar with that kind of cooking. I'm a pretty good cook, and I cook some of the dishes with Korean influences." 

"I really don't like spicy Korean food, I favor more of the Japanese flavors," said Holly. "I've never had Asian food until Casandra turned me on to this place." Holly didn't wear any sports fan clothing, I took it she was more of the artistic liberal type. Nothing wrong with that just saying.

So what are their favorites?

Holly went first. "Like I said, I'm not into spicy Korean, but I love their Teriyaki Beef with veggies, in fact I'll mix it up on different visits, I'll do Teriyaki Pork too, or chicken. And their sushi is pretty amazing as well, like their New York Roll, Alaska Roll, and my favorite is the California Tempura Roll with teri sauce.. mmmm. I did like their Japchae noodle thing though. I guess I can learn to love Korean food, it's like Japanese almost."

Sheeze these girls are making me hungry.

Then Casandra stepped up to the plate, and she went off. "I love their Kalbi Short Ribs with rice. And I can't pronounce it but their spicy tender pork (Dae Ji Bul Go Gi). The tofu stew with seafood and veggies (Soon Doo Boo), Steamed Man Doo (dumplings). I like their Bibimbap with chicken, and sometimes I'll take the Bul Go Gi Combo to go, and the broiled mackerel."

Hmm, I like these girls. You see my friends, some girls are so picky when they eat, "Oh I can't eat that, I don't like that ooo can't do that, can we go somewhere else?"

Holly chimed in, "Hey their Soju is good, and they got beers too." Ah ha, so I know who the wild one is. Soju is an alcoholic beverage shared amongst Koreans. Made from rice, wheat, or barley.

So I thanked the ladies as they were on their way to get tickets for a luau. So now it's time for me to hit the computer and Yelp or Google search this place they spoke of, this, this... Bibimbap House in Salem, Oregon.

This is what I found.

Bibimbap House, 635 Chemeketa St. NE Salem, OR 97301. (505) 585-1530
Click this link for all of the information  BIBIMBAP HOUSE

trip advisor

This is a bottle of Soju

Go online and visit the website, there's more awesome pics. So then, if you ever get to Salem, Oregon the place to go for lunch or dinner is Bibimbap House.

Until next time

Ron Sambrano

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