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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


On today's blog post I'll refresh you with some key things when you are in the kitchen, the basics that you need to know.

First let's talk about temperature. 

Water begins to boil at 212 deg. F
- a good way to get water boiling quickly is to fill your pot with the amount needed and cover it with a lid on high heat, once it is bubbling, it's a boil.

Cooking oil begins to smoke at
- Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil 320 deg F); (Virgin Olive Oil 420 deg F); (Pomace 460 deg F); (Extra Light Olive Oil 468 deg F)
Do not use any kind of olive oil for deep frying

-Canola Oil has a pretty high smoke point of 400 deg F, and can be used in all kinds of cooking such as stir fries, sauté, and pan frying to some deep frying.
Do not use this for salad dressings or drizzles, I find it a horrible oil for that, for dips, use another high quality oil, olive, sesame, peanut, those flavors works well

-Vegetable Oil usually has a high smoke point and is well suited for sauté, pan frying, wok frying etc. Depending on what vegetable the oils derive from it is a safe oil for cooking.
Not good for drizzling over finished dishes, again use a better quality oil for that

-Peanut Oil has a mild flavor and high smoke point, very well suited for deep frying, roasting and other high heat applications. 450 deg F smoke point.
Because it as a peanut flavor, duh…not good for baking or any application calling of a neutral flavored oil, this is where a vegetable oil comes in handy.

-Grapeseed Oil has a mild to neutral flavor, with a medium smoke point of 392 deg F, and is great for salad dressings, and works really well for low intensity pan and wok cooking.
-Not good for deep frying.

-Sunflower Oil does have a high smoke point and a light flavor, because of this it is made for baking as well. High in vitamin E, low in sat fats, 450 deg F smoke point, making it good for high intensity pan and wok frying. Also use for salad dressings is Yay.
Not good for drizzling on its own, but to each his own. Though it is a high smoke pint oil, it does not work well with low heat cooking.

-Safflower Oil another neutral flavor oil, the ones that are refined has a high smoke point 450 deg. F, makes it wonderful for intense pan and wok frying. If you are making mayonnaise this is a good oil for that application.
Not suited for drizzling on its own, or low heat cooking.

-Coconut Oil great for baking, not good for frying. I use it for mixing in other ingredients.
Smoke point of 350 deg F. Good for baking, making frostings, and light sautéing.
Not good at all for deep-frying and dressings.

-Sesame Oil Sesame oil is a strong flavored oil of sesame seeds, a smoke point of 410 deg F. I like to infuse this oil with vegetable oil for pan or wok frying, never on its own. It is good for stir frying on moderate heat though on its own, and for dips, marinades, and sauces.
Not suitable for baking.

-Corn Oil is used by many in the food service industry for their deep fryers, it has a high smoke point of 450 deg F, making it good for any type of frying.
Not a good oil for drizzling on its own and low heat cooking.

-Soybean Oil not a popular oil because of the GMO controversies, it has a smoke point of 450 deg F. Used in processed foods. I don't bother with this oil at all.

I hope these little tips will give you some food for thought on water and oil. It's good to keep your mind sharp if you are a serious foodie, in the event you don't have your favorite yay yay oil for pan frying, you can look at this and choose an alternative. And I am a firm believer in getting more knowledge, take a cooking class twice a year, find out who's teaching for free or at a low cost. Hey…even celebrity chefs has instructors too.

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