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Thursday, July 31, 2014


A few days ago I went with an associate to eat breakfast at Sunrise Cafe in Lahaina, Maui. I have to blog about it again, because I had time to think about the restaurant. It is a very laid back spot, kind of throwback to the old plantation days. The special thing about it is, it is open air, and if you are eating breakfast close to the water, open air is perfect, you can smell that fresh Maui air, mixed with the ocean. Step outside, you will see the surf rolling in and notice boats sailing by. Maybe it's a motor boat, nonetheless boats are prevalent outside the Lahaina harbor.

Sunrise Cafe is just a neat place to be, I really think that is the place to eat breakfast if you want to experience old Lahaina, not because it's housed in an older building, it is the location. When I was eating my Lox and Bagel Benedict, I was thinking about the days of whaling, what did the whalers do in the morning when they docked right outside a couple of centuries or so ago. How rowdy it might have been, after all those boatsmen got hammered from alcohol all of the time, Lahaina was known for its rowdiness.

Anthony was our waiter, he's also a part-owner, and he was just friendly, relaxed, made everyone feel at ease, no stress, just sit and enjoy the meal. This blog post isn't about the food necessarily, it is excellent I know… but it's that location, it had me dreaming almost, what it was like long ago, even way before the whalers era, I went back deep in time when it was just the kanaka maoli, the native Hawaiians that roamed that area.

Well, before I go to sleep, with both house dogs still awake, and Me TV is on, Adam 12 is what I'm watching…or just listening to, just remember Sunrise Cafe when you visit Lahaina, Maui. It's great food. But most importantly it is in a very historical part of Maui. If you google Lahaina's history you'll understand that eating at Sunrise Cafe, maybe there's a spirit there watching over you, maybe an old sailor, maybe an old native Hawaiian.. all I'm saying is, the place has a historic feel for certain, a feel you can't get at a modern restaurant, or at a food court in a large mall.

View from outside Sunrise Cafe
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