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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Grilling time is Summertime, and now we are just a day away from the Fourth of July 2014. The grills are out, the grilling chefs are making sure everything is is A Okay!

Charcoal grills, get it out, and brush off the rust, get the charcoal bricks, get your lighter fluid, have some fun. Charcoal grills to me is the best, better than the gas kind. Why? There's nothing like the flavor of wood, good wood that burns long, here in Hawaii we use kiawe wood, it is pronounced (Kee ah veh). It is rather hard, so it takes time to burn which is what grillers want. Nothing better than grilling shrimp, chicken, ahi, all over charcoal.

Gas grills, not my fave but it will do if that's all I can get. What I would do to make that gasser work like a charcoal grill is use wood chips that you can get in your local hardware store. Get a large piece of foil, and put some wood chips in there that was soaked in water. Close the foil, leaving some room for the smoke to escape. Place that foil filled with damp wood chips on the bottom of the grill, as you heat up the grill to cook your food, the chips in the foil will smoke lending a woody flavor. Hmm that did not sound right at all…well anyway you get my drift, instead of just a natural gas flame flavor, you will create some wood flavor like a charcoal grill.

Marinades: Really just keep your grilling event simple, there are a whole bunch of great ready made marinades in the supermarkets now days, and if you don't have time to be messing with that so-called award winning recipe, screw it just buy some. I do, and all that matters is when you are done grilling that chicken breast, or ahi steak, or porterhouse, the peeps at your event will eat it with pleasure.

Words of grilling wisdom.
1. Keep it simple
2. Enjoy friends and family
3. Don't try to be THE CHEF creating shit that might not work. Keep it easy for crying out loud!
4. Keep a fire extinguisher near by in case of fire of course.
5. Cook foods to its safe temperature, and keep a chafing dish near by for different meats so that it will keep safely warm, also prevent cross contamination.
6. Have chilled fruits and veggies, they go well with grilled meats.
7. Have lots of chilled bottles of water nearby, water is imperative at barbecues and grilling in the warm to hot summer days.
8. Have a phone near by in case of emergencies, in case someone is feeling ill, 911 is in your pocket.
9. Always ask if some of your guests may have food allergies or any kind of eating disorders, sometimes guests will not say a word feeling embarrassed, as a host always keep in mind someone you invite may have a health issue, this is 2014 guys not 1977, we live in an information age, and the more the better, we want every single one of our guests happy and comfortable and feel special to be there with you sharing great food.
Pictured here is  a small Hibachi great for small gatherings, or just for two.
This model sits on the ground with a dome lid you can smoke small amounts of meat with, the Weber. I had this model years ago, easy to carry to the beach or ball park, I used charcoal made from kiawe wood, these things are in every locals garage in Hawaii.
This Weber has a stand, great for back yards and if you got a bad back and hate bending over to flip the steaks.
I call this the Weber condo special because at most condos and resorts have this similar model at their swimming pools. If you got to get a gas grill, I really suggest no fooling around get a Weber and no replica models, Weber stands tops among the grills in the world.

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