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Thursday, July 24, 2014


With the cost of food rising, I want some of you to realize that you can eat well, cook delicious foods, and still save money. In business it's all about the bottom line, making sure that at the end of the day, you won't be in the red ink, you got to spend your cash wisely and that spending better get you something in return. Likewise, spend your cash on food wisely and it better feed you and your family, it can be done.

Using a slow cooker is the best way to save money, you can buy inexpensive cuts of beef and pork, use veggies ready to be expired, and create an awesome stew or braise. I've always blogged using inexpensive cuts of beef like the chuck section which is tougher and better for slow cooking to make it soft and delicate. Using pork butt on sale which is the chuck part of the hog. There's no need to purchase Kobe beef, or Duroc pork, even select grade chuck can work wonders.

So when shopping look for inexpensive cuts of meat, and use your slow cooker to cook your meals. For the home, you want comforting foods, and the slow cooker is designed for just that. Seldom does a regular home cook use wine, and shallots, and designer herbs and spices, and sauces from France and Italy. So use what you got in your cupboards, your own spices that you got on sale no worries it will work. You are not cooking for some celebrity foodie judge, you're job is to feed you and your family, and heck, there's nothing wrong with the stuff you buy at your local Safeway.

I won't give you any recipes, that's for another day, but there's countless cookbooks and videos online to get great ideas, word class chefs use the internet to rip off ideas, we all do. So just remember SLOW COOKER, and inexpensive cuts of beef, pork, and other proteins you can get right before it expires. I hope this inspires you to continue to cook in your kitchen.

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