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Sunday, July 13, 2014

SUGAR CANE MAUI A Lahaina Cafe & Eat Bar (ReEdited)


The other day I went to do a video blog of Chef Philippe Chin's Sugar Cane Maui restaurant located at 736 Front St. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761, ph 808-214-6662 

Chef Chin arrived on his Harley and met me on the street for a greeting, the guys a rock and roll chef, no office? All good, then we went up stairs, he got out of his chef whites and into a casual shirt and started to show me around his restaurant.

He showed me around the upstairs restaurant where Famous Dave's once was in operation. And lucky for chef because Famous Dave's left behind their smoker, which can smoke 500 pounds of anything smokable, most notably pork, in this pic below it is a Southern Pride smoker, and this is where the staff of Sugar Cane Maui smokes their 8 days cured bacon with kiawe wood, and the slices aren't thin, they give you a good thick slice.

Pic below is the wood chamber where the wood is inserted and ignited and hence the smoking begins.

The pic below is Chef Chin's Hawaiian Sea Salt that is being smoked

Below is Sugar Cane Maui's freshly made Focaccia Bread

Below chef was showing me how he seasons the smoked bacon on the flat top with a Spicy Lilikoi sauce

View from upstairs on the balcony of the ocean

In this screen shot below is me ready to eat Chef Chin's creation, a coconut scone, with pink salted butter, and homemade guava jelly, along with my fresh cappuccino this was definitely heaven on Front St.

Screen shot below is chef making their signature coconut margarita with Dobel tequila and 1800 coconut tequila

My coconut margarita with limes and cilantro, not bad for an hour's gig

The Recap!
Chef Chin made me sample some of his homemade smoked bacon that is cured 8 days. Then he cooked some of it, pretty thick slices with his Spicy Lilikoi sauce it was ono. And the Coconut Scone with Pink Salted Butter, and a homemade Guava Jelly. And then he acted as his own mixologist making me a killer Coconut Margarita. Not bad for an hours work.. I get to eat good food for free..well I gotta blog it which is fun, so almost free.
Me (L) Chef Philippe Chin (R)
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