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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Being a personal chef and foodie, I have to keep an open mind. Like what other chefs are doing, what products are in, where people are eating, you know stuff like that. So here I am, on a sunny summer's day in Lahaina town, sweating because there's no trade winds to naturally cool us off, and the town is filled with people walking the beach walk, looking into shops, and of course visiting our restaurants having something cool to drink and eating, I run into a couple from Kansas City, Kansas. They are both honeymooning. 

I'll cut to the chase because this is a foodie site, we don't need to know what their hobbies are, or where they went to school, or their profession, I just made small talk and then went straight to the jugular. I asked them both. The question. "So guys… if I ever go to Kasas City, Kansas, where should I go to eat?"

The guy who was six feet three and about two eighty was quick to say the name of his favorite place to eat, and his newly wed bride smiled in agreement. "Oh bro, you gotta go to Papa Bob's Bar B Que buddy!" Hmm. Okay I got my LG G2 on recording this, but with the waves, and cars passing by I can't get the playback too clear. I heard "Yeah, they got some killer food man, like Adam Richman of Man vs. Food tried to eat one of the sandwiches." 

Okay guys.. before I bore you, because our friend rambled on and on about his friends having a good time… I heard key words, you see that's all I focus on like a detective investigating a major crime. 

1. Papa Bob's Bar B Que
2. Adam Richman of Man vs. Food
3. Killer foods!

Okay guys… with these three words I can do lots of investigating on my Mac Book Pro. And that's what I did.

I went to Yelp.Com to check it out, and this is what I saw, oh by the way, you can by-pass my rhetoric and go straight to if you like. Okay I guess you're staying.

Papa Bob's Bar B Que
11610 Kaw Dr
Kansas City, KS 66111

According to most of the yelp reviews it is a decent place to go, on the positive the yelpers claim, good menu, delicious food, homey atmosphere, hole in the wall joint, pulled pork is okay, sauce is great and sweet, got desserts. One yelper said that the Burnt End Sandwich was great, with a side of baked beans. Another yelper said to talk to Bob to see what other sauces he's got that's not on the menu. Some said entrees were about $9-$11 without any sides, well most places do this routine, so I don't think it's all that bad.

Other good news for Bob's is that the service is rather friendly, and the Long End Ribs seems to be popular, and the Horse Burger (ground beef smoked & topped with horseradish pickles) 

But the claim to fame is Adam Richman's visit there, if anyone tries to finish the ultimate Destroyer Sandwich, in 45 minutes you get if for free. The sandwich is like 6 lbs. It is totally ridiculous to me, but that's what it is. I mean really? People are starving in this world, and I understand business, but that's just insane. Oh well, it's a business and I can't put it past them, but Adam couldn't finish it by the way, so Bob's got the win.

So, because yelp is a trademark, and stuff is proprietary, I can't go ripping off pictures from, you all have to go to yelp and check it out. So just want to thank my newly wed friends from Kansas City, Kansas for the heads up in where to eat if I ever get to Kansas City… ah Kansas that is.

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