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Monday, July 28, 2014


Sunrise Cafe located on Front Street directly across of the Baldwin House near the Lahaina Library next to the harbor is a tiny hole in the wall. The breakfast there is totally home cooking, very good, very tasty. The building is an old one, a throw back to the days of the plantation era, it did have some rustic atmosphere to enjoy.

Anthony was our server, and he is a co-owner there, very friendly, very alert to our needs, and since we all are locals, it was no problem, we're just there to eat, and relax and talk a little business. While there I noticed that me and my associate were the only locals there, the rest of the tables were taken by visitors to our island of Maui, cool.

What I had was the Lox Benedict $11.99. The breakfast potatoes were perfect, I may be wrong, but it tasted like it had a very slight bite, possibly some paprika, sweet onions sautéed, maybe some garlic, salt, pepper.. The smoked salmon slices over the bagels were very good, and the amount was generous. The poached eggs were done medium, not runny which was cool, since the Hollandaise sauce was deliciously rich, a runny egg would have made it a tad soupy, so for me, a poached egg cooked medium and not too runny is perfect for a Benedict of any kind. And there was a small slice of pineapple and banana to cleanse the pallet on the side of the plate.

Digging into the Benedict, I could cut it with a fork, and what made this good was that the Benedict had slices of fresh tomatoes and Maui onions, it really added to the whole breakfast experience. The bagel was what a bagel was supposed to be, it held the Hollandaise sauce, you got to have a bread that won't get soaked and soggy right away, loved it. With each bite there was a remembrance of when I was a kid, mom and dad always cooked with tomatoes and onions, it was a Filipino thing. Everything had tomatoes and onions, I felt right at home.

My associate Wilmont had his Loco Moco, it was great he said, the homemade hamburger steak he claimed was a 1/2 pounder at least. I looked at the gravy it was typical homestyle, on the light brownish color side and not dark brown, but light beefy brown which is okay, as long as it tastes great, light brown will work.

All in all, Sunrise Cafe was just what we needed, tucked away in a cul de sac, with the surf rolling in, the blue skies were clear, traffic on the street was mild, so parking was easy to get. Would I recommend Sunrise Cafe? Yes I would, indeed I would. 
Anthony our server

Top and bottom pics of the Lox & Bagel Benedict
Th Loco Moco Home Style 4 Sure!!!
When you are stuffed you walk out and see Lanai in the distance
Ready to get back in from the side, ocean to the right
View from our table looking outwards to the ocean

693 Front Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
808 661 8558

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